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Our Services

McPheeters Confidential Services provide a wide range of professional investigative services to businesses, attorneys, insurance companies and the general public including, but not limited to:

Address Search and Verification
If you supply us with an address we will provide the name and often the phone numbers of current and past residents of the address, whether residential or commercial, other occupants and whether it is owned or rented.

Applicant Screening
We thoroughly investigate, research and verify the accuracy of an applicants resume’ and personal information. We can obtain civil and criminal records and with a signed release, we can provide driver’s records and credit reports.

Birth and Death Records Search
This service provides names, dates and other pertinent information.

Business/Corporate Search
Services include: Corporate ownership, director status, registered agent information, fictitious name filings, dates of incorporation, and physical examination of the premise, office and working environment.

Cheating Lovers
Through physical surveillance, computer examinations and/or interviews we will provide you with the information you need to confirm your suspicions or give you peace of mind.

Child Custody Evidence
We use our resources, equipment, skills and experience to gather information that relates to your specific situation. All information obtained is documented and prepared to be used as evidence in a court of law.

Confidential Courier Service
Have a licensed investigator pick up, retrieve, deliver and notarize documents on your behalf.

Counter Surveillance
Our skilled tactics will uncover if you, your business and/or your employees are “under” investigation.

Court House Records
We have court researchers available nationwide to retrieve, uncover and photocopy court records on your behalf.

Court Ordered Child Recovery
Covert and caring strategies are used to locate and recover children that the courts have ordered to be returned.

Criminal Background Search
Conducted at the metropolitan, county, state and federal levels. A person with a criminal history may be exposed and all facets of the subject’s records can be documented.

Criminal Defense Investigations
As experienced investigators, we offer dedicated efforts and conduct a thorough well-planned strategy / investigation on the behalf of the wrongly accused.

Deadbeat Locating and Tracking Services
Expert skip tracing tactics and professional physical surveillance can secure the whereabouts and activities of the deadbeat parent.

Driving Records
We can obtain driving records in almost every state nationwide and some foreign countries. Some states require a signed release.

Disability Offenders
We secure all pertinent information as it relates to individuals and business that violate disability laws. In addition, we investigate individuals who fraudulently represent themselves as disabled and provide evidence accordingly.

Discovery Assistance
We work diligently, efficiently and expeditiously to assist attorneys in the discovery process.

Divorce Investigations
We are experts in providing a wealth of information as it relates to your needs. Divorce investigations include any or all services offered by MCS.

Due Diligence
An investigative service tears apart a business from an investigator point of view. A thorough investigation of people, products, services and business relations are examined.

Education Verification
This service will verify a person’s education, degrees, certifications and graduation/attendance dates.

Elderly and Nursing Home Abuse Investigations
Through the use of skilled investigators and surveillance techniques and equipment, we can reveal activities that may be abusive and/or inappropriate.

Employee Monitoring
Find out about the activities of your employees. We investigate, follow, videotape, photograph, interview, and interact with covertly to uncover any conflicts, illegal behavior or impropriety.

Employment Search
This service will verify a person’s employment history and /or current employment status.

Fraud Detection and Prevention
Our insightful investigators are trained to uncover fraudulent activities, bogus claims, if or when they exist.

Harassment Defense Investigations
We secure all pertinent information as it relates to an individual who is victimized by harassment. In addition, we can provide services for individuals and businesses that are wrongfully accused of harassment.

We used skilled and experienced investigation efforts and techniques when interviewing subjects. Our investigators perform formal or covert interactive interviews to be used as evidence in court.

Legal Research and Support Services
We assist Attorneys, Insurance companies and business in researching and retrieving pertinent information and/or subject products.

License Verification Search
This service confirms the validity of licenses for professionals such as teachers, brokers, doctors, lawyers, security dealers, and investigators.

Lifestyle Investigations
Through physical surveillance, video and photography of a person and his home and/or office, we can give you an accurate picture of the lifestyle they lead.

Loss Prevention Services
Our skillful observations and strategic investigation skills can help prevent losses due to fraud, theft, sloppiness or simple mismanagement. Most losses can be prevented or ascertained within a short period of time.

Lost Loves
We are particularly skilled in finding people. Our resources and expertise can be helpful in finding that special loved ones.

Missing Persons
We use expert investigation skills, researchers and database information to track down missing persons. In some cases, many services listed herein are utilized to assist in locating the person in question.

Mystery Shopping
A secret, behind the scene investigation of your staff, services, suppliers, operators, managers and customers.

Name Verification
This service confirms the accuracy and legality of a person’s name. We can also determine if the person has changed, altered or has used any other names previous to the current one.

Nanny/Babysitter Investigations
We provide background checks, nanny cams and monitoring services.

Process Service
We offer nationwide process service. Summonses and subpoenas are served quickly and efficiently. Experience and knowledge of all applicable laws assures proper and timely service.

Skip Tracing
We use expert investigation skills, researchers and database information to track down people who do not want to be found. In some cases, many services listed herein are utilized to assist in locating the person in question.

Stolen Property Investigations
We can assist you in finding your property. Our strategic approach and relentless investigative efforts can assist you in finding what belongs to you.

Our surveillance services are exemplary. We use special vehicles, state of the art equipment and experienced investigative tactics to gather facts and information about subjects and circumstances.

Suspicious Behavior
We use expert surveillance techniques and state of the art equipment to uncover and identify suspicious activities and people.

Telephone Number Investigations
Ground or cell phone information can be obtained through investigative efforts. We can provide you with names, addresses, phone numbers called, names of people called and unpublished phone numbers.

Tenant Screening
We conduct pre-tenant and tenant screening investigations. Information we uncover can be used in qualifying a perspective tenant

Undercover Operations
Let us work for you to interact and fit in to your work environment to discover what is going on behind the scenes.

Witness Interviews
We used skilled and experienced investigation efforts and techniques when interviewing witnesses. Our investigators perform formal or covert interactive interviews to be used as evidence in court. Interviews can be recorded covertly or formally depending on the laws of your state.

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations
We use any or all of our skills, equipment, knowledge and experience in fraud cases. We are especially interested in proving fraudulent activities of a claimant on behalf of our clients / insurance companies. We are members of the Kansas City Metropolitan Insurance Fraud Task Force.

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